Additional Questions and Answers of oDesk and Elance Job Application

1. What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?

Ans: In keeping with your job necessities, I even have done several comes like yours. For additional details you’ll be able to check my portfolio, profiles and employment history wherever you may notice the similar comes like your need one.

2. Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully?

Ans: positive I even have suggestions for you during this project. in keeping with my thought, the updated strategy and correct ways will build this project sure-fire. And sure i will be able to build this project sure-fire.

3. Which part of this project do you think will take the most time?

Ans: in keeping with your job details, I even have years of experiences in each fields. and that i perpetually use the updated techniques and win the competition. I even have a powerful belief that i’d be able to build this project sure-fire at intervals short time.

4. Have you taken any oDesk tests and done well on them that you think are relevant to this job?

Ans: affirmative I even have taken oDesk talent Tests and that i have done well. you’ll be able to check my tests space. Default system of odesk tests could be a sensible methodology of justify oneself. And affirmative I appreciate it furthermore as I did well in here.

5. How much time do you think it will take to accomplish the task for Google results ?

Ans: Competition is all over. perpetually wish to be graded in google. however failing during this competition is problematic. and that i apprehend this drawback. the matter is that the thus known as staff don’t use the updated ways wherever I perpetually hit the iron once it’s hot. That’s why I will assure you that {i will|i will be able to|i’ll} be able to couple briefly times than the remainder (2+ or 3+ months)

6. What part of this project most appeals to you?

Ans: Here the 2 components of this project attractiveness American state a great deal, one is that each one the wants {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} in favor of me and also the other is i prefer do do these quite job. These quite project and job offer American state mental satisfaction.

7. Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project?

Ans: i feel i’m a decent fit this job as a result of I even have all the qualities that you simply square measure probing for. expertise is that the golden think about this project wherever you discover in American state a minimum of 3+ years of operating experiences over all the factors in your project.

8. Do you have any questions about the job description?

Ans: Your arrangement of the duty description is absolutely comprehendible and that i have understood it all right. Still I even have no questions about your description. If i want any data latter, i have to convey you and refer to you in a very friendly circumstances.

9. Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?

Ans: I even have rigorously scan your description and that i have quite three years of operating expertise in each of your needed skills. and that i am strongest the least bit of your needed qualities. Hope i will be able to be the right employee for you during this project.

10. What SEO jobs have you done in the past?

Ans: I even have with success completed several seo comes before, you’ll be able to see my employment history and portfolio comes. I hope i will be able to even be sure-fire during this project. you’ll be able to beyond question rent American state.

11. How much time will you need to work on this project to see results and how will you spend your time working on this project?

Ans: I even have a powerful belief that i’d be able to build this project sure-fire at intervals short time. i will be able to pay my time acting on this project hourly with white hat updated methodology and build it sure-fire.

12. Have you done high quality back-linking before? if so what sites do you use?

Ans: positive I even have done high PR back-inkling before and graded several sites. you’ll be able to check my employment history and portfolio. (You also can embody some links here)

13. Why should i chose you over the other 100 that have applied for this Job?

Ans: this is often a decent purpose you’ve got asked. Here you may found several thus known as employee United Nations agency don’t shrewdness to figure. i’m entirely totally different from them. I even have an extended term conceive to add here, that’s why i’m here with all qualities and experiences. i’m here to not cheat you rather assist you.

14. What challenging part of this job are you most experienced in?

Ans: Everything is currently changing into difficult, If one needs to win he or she ought to have the right data of the current scenario. and that i am most old during this issue. Hope i will be able to build your project sure-fire.

15. Who have you worked with that has yielded quick results. What was the cost to client to receive positive results?

Ans: I even have with success completed several comes. you’ll be able to see my portfolio and employment history. and that i took the relevant value, I ne’er enkindle high worth.

16. Tell me how you would go about increasing my rankings for my website?

Ans: Ranking a web site on some sure keywords square measure currently terribly troublesome. however if one has relevant ideas and skills concerning the search engines’ index, he/she should win this competition. in keeping with that i will be able to 1st build your web site computer program friendly then i will be able to build it standard to others and increase its rank.
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